Why Chore Butler?

Our system is designed to predict what you need before you tell us. Its based on years of housekeeping and hospitality experience and will ensure the upkeep on your house becomes hassle free. Having a housekeeper should not feel like a chore. Just let us know a time to show a up and how to get access, and we will take care of the rest.

Well Trained Butlers

Our Butlers are extensively trained, bonded and insured and must pass vigorous tests to ensure that they meet our high standards. They are incentivized to deliver top notch services to our Customers.

Finishing Touches
Finishing Touches

Our background in the hotel industry will ensure that everything is taken care of whether you are traveling overseas, returning from the mall or coming in from off the links. When you arrive home, you can relax  because all your chores are done for you.

Paying Customer
Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service team is here to answer any questions, and provide a fully customizable set of services which meet your needs. Even if you are out of town,  just call us and we can handle the rest.

Writing on Glass
Forward Thinking

Our system and processes are designed to predict what you need before you tell us. Gone are the days where if you forget to tell your cleaner something it does not get done.