Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can help you achieve a healthy surrounding, free from germs and allergens, including airborne allergens

In high-traffic cities like Houston, seeking reliable house cleaning services not only saves you time to do things you would rather be doing, it also helps you keep your home well maintained and clean. If you are looking for premium assistance, then the Chore Butler team is your ultimate choice.

 We provide a hassle-free service that will make your life easy. The Chore Butler team can make things happen for you when it comes to keeping your home or business clean, organized and well maintained.

Our well-trained team can immaculately clean your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, even your front door steps!

Cleaning the Floor

List of Services

Cleaning with a Mop
Regular / Recurring Cleaning

Clean Kitchen

Clean Bathroom

Clean Bedroom

Vacuum & mop floors

Wash dishes / Load dishwasher 

Clean Stovetop  

Dust windows & blinds  

Clean hard to reach areas  

Descale & detail toilet

Clean filter vent 

Clean reachable surfaces in all rooms

Clean outside fridge/freezer

Clean outside other appliances 

Dust Furniture  


Regular / Recurring Cleaning

From the front door to the back and every room in-between, the Chore Butler team can assist you with customized regular / recurring cleaning.  We strive to have the same butler clean your house at a frequency you set (twice a week, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, seasonally etc) at a time convenient for you..

Vacuuming Couch
Senior Citizen Cleaning

General cleaning



Cleaning counter tops, stoves, and ovens

Cleaning bathrooms

Wiping down kitchen appliances

Organizing closets and cupboards

Mopping floors

Laundry and pressing clothes

Polishing shoes

Taking out the trash

Making beds

Change light bulbs

Meal prep (ask for details) 

Senior Citizen Cleaning

Housekeeping services play a valuable role in keeping seniors in their own home for as long as possible. It allows the senior community to continue to live independently while receiving much needed help in daily or weekly chores, including housecleaning.  Besides regular cleaning, Chore Butler can, for example,  pick up medicines, grocery shop, purchase flowers, deliver dry cleaning, change lightbulbs, even polish shoes to help seniors remain independent.   

Moving a Couch
Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Clean inside fridge/freezer

Deep oven clean

Carpet & upholstery cleaning

Antiviral sanitization

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

At the time of moving from one place to the other, it is quite important to clean out your old home before you hand the property over to its owner.  A proper move in / move out cleaning requires the use of adequate tools and products, and the Chore Butler team can get all this done for you without any hassle.

Cleaning the Counter
Deep Cleaning

Clean Stovetop  

Clean inside fridge/freezer

Clean inside other appliances 

Clean inside cupboards

Carpet & upholstery spot cleaning

Antiviral sanitization

Clean external areas (balcony, terrace, etc

Wet wipe interior windows & blinds  

Deep Cleaning

we get to cover all the corners of your house. And with our proficient assistance, it becomes easier to remove dust and debris from the hard to reach corners too. The areas that serve as the breeding ground for microbes get prompt attention. You get to avail of disinfection as well as proper sanitization services